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Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Plan, Design, and Implement Services

ModernCyber's ISE Services combine world-class expertise, a proven methodology & customer collaboration to ensure project success


  • Achieve secure network access control and policy enforcement with ModernCyber’s expert guidance
  • We provide expert assistance with solution requirements planning, designing, testing, and implementation plan development, as well as installing, configuring, and integrating your ISE solution
  • Interactive interviews ensure your ISE solution is aligned with your security, IT, and Business goals. We collaborate with you to understand how to design ISE so that it seamlessly integrates with your existing network design. Get the most from your current resources and existing investments, and get it done right the first time to accelerate your ROI
  • Expert knowledge transfer gives you the confidence and foundation to manage ISE successfully after it’s installed

Top Outcomes & Benefits

  • Consensus on the solution requirements — from business, operations, and technical stakeholders
  • Expertise during planning and design, so integration goes smoothly and you can take advantage of performance, security, and reliability of Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • Reduce time and risk with a reliable & validated solution design
  • Eliminate the need for expensive rework while avoiding implementation delays
  • Enable identity-based security and control with increased threat visibility and integrated security
  • Simplify and automate with consistent policy management across your wired and wireless networks
  • Production Deployment of Cisco ISE
  • Verification & validation of the design, functionality, use cases through detailed testing
  • Accelerate time to value by simplifying the entire process with ModernCyber's experts that get you up-and-running accurately and quickly
  • Mitigate expensive, time-consuming, and intrusive rework later on via early and correct planning and design development
  • Get comprehensive support from experts to align ISE with your strategic goals and future-proof your deployment.
  • Reduce risks and problems via efficient, proven methods
  • Enhance business resiliency and productivity with professional help to quickly integrate ISE into your environment
  • Minimize downtime and readily take advantage of ISE capabilities

Methodology & Service Details

Kickoff & Planning

  • Project Kickoff
    • Engagement overview, scope & expectations
    • Establish points of contact and communications plan
  • Project Management Plan
    • Work with Customer to identify and document dependencies, risks, and issues associated with the successful completion of the project
    • Create project schedule
    • Scheduling and coordination of points of contact and scope
  • Planning
    • Conduct interviews with various individuals/groups across the customer’s information technology organization, including but not limited to architecture, engineering, and operations teams to identify/review:
    • Gather & review information, design documentation, configurations, diagrams, standard operating procedures (SOP), etc. required to perform tasks

Solution Requirements

  • Conduct interviews with various individuals/groups across the customer’s information technology organization, including but not limited to architecture, engineering, and operations teams – We work across your organization to identify your business and technical requirements, to prioritize efforts in design & deployment
  • Review future technology plans & goals
  • Review existing Customer documentation related to current and planned architectural designs
  • Review existing network and security architecture strategy and current & planned designs
  • Security & network segmentation and policy design
  • Operational processes (provisioning, moves, adds, changes)
  • Review Customer’s architecture and design requirements, priorities, and goals, including:
    • Zero Trust Architecture Requirements
    • Planned security policies
    • Wired & Wireless 802.1X
    • Network Segmentation
    • Endpoint & IoT Device Profiling
    • Guest and/or Contractor Access
    • User groups and policy enforcement


  • Design Workshop - Collaborative design session
    • Design Knowledge Transfer - Perform knowledge transfer to educate stakeholders on Cisco Identity Services Engine: overview, components, use-cases, capabilities, and design criteria
    • Review Customer-provided information and the Solution Requirements created
    • Review design options and
  • Review & Document the following in a Solution Design Document (SDD):
    • End User Device use cases
    • IoT/OT device use cases
    • Integration into other enterprise systems, for example:
    • Authentication: Active Directory, PKI/Certificates
    • Endpoint Management
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Patch Management
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Security Information & Event Management
    • Other policy platforms: Firewalls, Data Center, or Cloud Controllers
  • Review & Document Testing & Acceptance criteria in a Solution Design Document (SDD)
    • Our experts draft a plan for testing based on your requirements and design, and it may include procedures, pass/fail criteria, problem identification and recommended resolution, and more


  • The objective of the implementation is to successfully introduce and deploy the solution with the least amount of disruption and the highest level of interoperability with the existing network
  • Build, configure, and deploy Cisco ISE based on solution design document:
    • Bootstrap and configure the ISE Appliances/Nodes
    • Configure ISE using software versions, connections, and configuration based on the mutually agreed upon solution design document (SDD)
    • Verify the solution is deployed in accordance with the Solution Design Document
    • Execute the Test & Acceptance Plan from the Solution Design Document to prove the solution is safe to move into production and will meet your requirements
      • Functional use-case testing
      • High availability and failover testing
  • Operations Knowledge Transfer – We deliver knowledge transfer to your team related to the ISE solution and technologies deployed in your production environment and transfer to responsibilities to the Customer's operations group
  • Update relative sections of solution design document with "as-built" information


  • Implementation phases and plan will include target migration or cutover of users and use-cases
  • Perform initial cutover and additional testing to ensure user acceptance of the solution
  • Typical ISE implmentation will include a pilot group of users for each use-case (e.g. Wired, Wireless, VPN and Employees, Contractors, Guest)

Optional Post Implementation Support

  • We offer consultative support and guidance on activities related to rollout of the complete ISE solution in your network
  • Support contracts for maintaining Cisco ISE recommended software and patches

Why ModernCyber for Cisco ISE Services

  • Our experts have been performing Cisco NAC and ISE designs for almost 2 decades, hold one or multiple CCIEs, and have direct relationships with Cisco Product Teams
    • Check out our Cisco Blog Posts on Cisco
  • ModernCyber's experts are trusted by Cisco & Cisco Partners Worldwide
    • We have trained over 1,000 Partner Deployment engineers at over 85 Cisco Partners Worldwide with a 4.95/5.00 satisfaction score
  • Proven Industry Experience & Certifications
    • Published Authors - CiscoPress's Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions - Volume I & Volume II
    • Certificates
  • Our Modern Approach:
    • Integrated
    • Agile
    • Zero Trust

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