ISE Health Assessment

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Health Assessment

ModernCyber's ISE Health Assessment provides comprehensive verification of Cisco ISE design, deployment and configuration.


The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Health Assessment analyzes your operational capabilities and deployment effectiveness to provide tailored guidance and maximize the value of ISE in your environment. The health assessment service in short provides a comprehensive review of the Cisco ISE deployment configuration & architecture overall health, stability, and scalability.

Our health assessment services will ensure your ISE deployment performs optimally and is compliant with your security policies. It will help you prevent unstable or unexpected behavior that could impact many business-critical and revenue-generating processes.

Top Outcomes & Benefits

  • Cisco ISE Health Assessment Report - Prescriptive guidance for Cisco ISE optimization in your environment
  • Presentation of Cisco ISE Health Assessment Key Findings & Recommendations
  • Reduce operational risk by identifying areas for improvement or possible challenges, which may currently exist or arise in the future
  • The results of the health check provides data points and tasks that aid in the development of a recommendations road map to strengthen, optimize and/or remediate the Cisco ISE deployment within the customer's Enterprise Network.
  • Expertise to help maximize the value of your investment by taking advantage of the performance, security, and reliability of Cisco Identity Services Engine
  • Minimize downtime and readily take advantage of ISE capabilities
  • Get comprehensive support from experts to align ISE with your strategic goals and future-proof your deployment.
  • Knowledge transfer to your team on the latest features & best practices around Cisco ISE

Methodology & Service Details


Kickoff & Planning

  • Project Kickoff
    • Engagement overview, scope & expectations
    • Establish points of contact and communications plan
  • Project Management Plan
    • Work with Customer to identify and document dependencies, risks, and issues associated with the successful completion of the project
    • Create project schedule
    • Scheduling and coordination of points of contact and scope
  • Planning
    • Conduct interviews with various individuals/groups across the customer’s information technology organization, including but not limited to architecture, engineering, and operations teams to identify/review:
    • Gather & review information, design documentation, configurations, diagrams, standard operating procedures (SOP), etc. required to perform tasks

ISE Knowledge Transfer

  • 1/2 day training for your team to review:
    • Capabilities & Use-Cases
    • Practical Integrations & Benefits
    • Design Best Practices
    • Configuration Best Practices
    • Operational Best Practices
    • ISE Latest Software Capabilities & Features
    • Question & Answer Session

Solution Requirements & Use Case Review

  • Conduct interviews with various individuals/groups across the customer’s information technology organization, including but not limited to architecture, engineering, and operations teams – We work across your organization to identify your business and technical requirements, to prioritize recommendations
  • Review future technology plans & goals
  • Review existing Customer documentation related to current and planned architectural designs
  • Review existing network and security architecture strategy and current & planned designs
  • Security & network segmentation and policy design
  • Operational processes (provisioning, moves, adds, changes)
  • Review Customer’s configured use-cases, architecture and design requirements, priorities, and goals, including:
    • Zero Trust Architecture Requirements
    • Planned security policies
    • Wired & Wireless 802.1X
    • Network Segmentation
    • Endpoint & IoT Device Profiling
    • Guest and/or Contractor Access
    • User groups and policy enforcement

Design Review

  • Review existing customer documentation regarding Cisco ISE - e.g. High-Level Design (HLD) and Low-Level Design (LLD)
  • Document overall health and scalability of the deployment with a primary focus of documenting areas of concern defined as opportunities for improvement and gaps
  • Evaluate the various aspects of Cisco ISE Design, including but not limited to the following areas:
    • Sizing & Scaling
    • Redundancy & High Availability
    • Network Architecture

Configuration Review

  • Ensure the Cisco ISE deployment is configured and deployed in alignment with known Best Practices as defined by Cisco documentation and ModernCyber’s Security Consultants through highly successful Cisco ISE Engagements
  • Analyze ISE operational capabilities and deployment effectiveness
  • Evaluate the various aspects of system configuration. This includes the following areas:
    • Policy Elements
    • Authentication & Authorization Policies
    • Profiling
    • Administration & Logging
    • Licensing
    • Dashboard Alarms
    • Metrics & Key Performance Indicators
    • Maintenance
    • External Identity Store Integration
    • Posture & Compliance
  • Review and ensure integrations and configurations with key external systems are configured correctly and functioning optimally, this includes but is not limited to:
    • Authentication Systems
    • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    • Network Access Devices (NADs)
    • pxGrid Integrations

Health Assessment Report & Presentation

  • Document and recommend remediation of issues or areas of improvement in a Cisco ISE Health Assessment Report
  • Report contains prescriptive guidance on how-to optimize your Cisco ISE design and configuration
  • Presentation of Cisco ISE Health Assessment Key Findings & Recommendations

Why ModernCyber for Cisco ISE Services

  • Our experts have been performing Cisco NAC and ISE designs for almost 2 decades, hold one or multiple CCIEs, and have direct relationships with Cisco Product Teams
    • Check out our Cisco Blog Posts on Cisco
  • ModernCyber's experts are trusted by Cisco & Cisco Partners Worldwide
    • Cisco Advisor Partner & Advanced Security Architecture Specialized
    • We have trained over 1,500 Partner Deployment engineers at over 95 Cisco Partners worldwide with a 4.95/5.00 satisfaction score
  • Proven Industry Experience & Certifications
    • Published Authors - CiscoPress's Integrated Security Technologies and Solutions - Volume I & Volume II
    • Multiple Certifications
  • Our Modern Approach:
    • Integrated
    • Agile
    • Zero Trust



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