We didn't reinvent the wheel

People and processes is what makes the biggest difference in the maturity of cybersecurity programs, outcomes, and risk. We believe incorporating the zero trust principles of least privilege and integrating disparate systems can be the difference between breached and secured.

By combining the right approach, methodology, valueshuman intelligence, and technology we can simplify and strengthen Cybersecurity.

Our Values

Customer First

We don't exist without you. When know that doing whats right in the long term for your success is what will make us successful.



It is OUR job if it is complex. Beauty comes from obfuscating complexity with simplicity. WE make the complex simple!


It is our job to ask "Why", "How" and challenge the mediocracy of status quo. Curiosity is paired with passion because the drive to seek out and explore is hard, but a prerequisite for innovation.


We let ideas flourish, regardless of where they come from. We value the ability to stay lean and collaborative. Agile, nimble, and without barriers!


Cybersecurity can mean the difference between mission or organizational success and failure. We take our responsibility as trusted advisors, implementers, and operators seriously!


We are micro pessimists but macro optimists. While current state might not be optimal, continuous improvement and disciplined execution overcomes most obstacles.

Our Technology Partners

Some of our Experts' Certifications

Our consultants and engineers have decades of experience and the vendor certifications to prove their knowledge.

The Leadership Team

Jamie Sanbower


CCIE No. 13637 Security, Enterprise Infrastructure, Enterprise Wireless. Prior to founding ModernCyber, Jamie was a principal architect in Cisco’s Global Security Architecture Team. Jamie was a technical leader and member of numerous advisory and working groups. With over 20 years of technical experience in the networking and security industry, Jamie has developed, designed, implemented, and operated enterprise network and security solutions for a wide variety of large clients. Jamie is a dynamic presenter and is a Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker. Jamie had various roles over his career, including: director of cyber security, senior security consultant, and senior network engineer.

Our Team's Work

Publications & Speaking Engagements

"ModernCyber was great to work with on our project! They delivered security services for Cisco Security and their experts are some of the best in the world. Would Highly Recommend!"

Director, Global Security,
Fortune 500 Technology Company

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